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Taking a business to a new location is a multifaceted process that begins with site selection and ends with employees transitioning seamlessly into a new space. Settling into the new facility requires impeccable planning, precise scheduling, and budgetary intelligence.

  • Project Management

    Project Management.

    Tying together all of Certified’s services is our Project Management team who strategizes closely with clients to plan and execute each project efficiently and effectively. From creating the master schedule for activities that surround the specific requirements of the project to coordinating the construction schedule and desired occupancy date, Certified Project Managers work with diligence to oversee the multitude of diverse elements to satisfy the timing and needs of every client.

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  • Architectural Glass Wall Distribution & Installation

    Architectural Glass Wall Distribution & Installation.

    Glass walls are distributed and installed just before furniture systems and ancillary furniture installations, unifying architecture and furniture. With remarkable precision, our carpenters quickly and cost-effectively install glass walls in conjunction with our Asset Management and Warehousing Operations. Integrated with the completion of construction and the installation of furniture; our skilled teams receive, inventory, as well as deliver and install glass walls during the final construction phases.

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  • New Furniture Distribution & Installation

    New Furniture Distribution & Installation.

    Our expert team of carpenters receive training from major product manufacturers and work with their specifications. As a result, we are able to meet unique distribution and installation challenges that involve newly designed and engineered products, as well as reconfiguring existing products for reuse. In conjunction with our Warehousing and Asset Management experts, our licensed and skilled union carpenters inspect each component of furniture systems and every element of loose furniture at our warehouse, on-site before installation, and again upon completion of installation.

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  • Corporate Relocation

    Corporate Relocation.

    Our clients trumpet the success of a Certified relocation because we are focused and maintain unrelenting attention to detail across our service lines. To achieve success, we develop a full understanding of the corporate needs. Working in harmony with our clients, we create a detailed plan that ensures a non-disruptive transition to the new site. Once put into place, this plan is executed in the tightest timeframe possible.

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  • Change Management

    Change Management.

    Relocations create an opportunity for change, not only in location, but also in how companies use their space, manage their employees and run their business. Our Change Management services include toolkits to teach and manage employee expectations, town hall presentations and focus groups. Plus, consistent communiqués help disseminate critical information to employees and establish a complete understanding of the transition.

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  • Asset Management & Warehousing

    Asset Management & Warehousing.

    Working closely with our client’s internal team, architectural team and furniture manufacturers, Certified’s Warehousing Logistics team provides unsurpassed services to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. From glass walls to systems furniture to ancillary furniture, Certified provides receiving, inspection, inventory, asset management, as well as staging and timing for furniture installation. Additionally, we offer off-site staging and temporary storage at our 600,000 square feet of secure and fireproofed warehousing facilities.

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