Asset Management & Warehousing

Working closely with your internal team, architectural team and furniture manufacturers, Certified’s Warehousing Logistics team provides unsurpassed services to ensure the highest degree of accuracy in the placement of final products within your new facility.

From glass walls to systems furniture to ancillary furniture, Certified provides receiving, inspection, inventory, asset management, as well as staging and timing for furniture installation.

Each element of furniture is installed in a timely fashion to ensure that it is properly placed, completely functional and pristine. All services surrounding Asset Management & Warehousing are documented for clear cost management and for inventory visibility through our Asset Management Program.

Additionally, we offer off-site staging and temporary storage. Our 600,000+ square feet of secure and fireproofed warehousing facilities are located just across the river in Secaucus, New Jersey. Our facilities are configured to handle large projects and daily deliveries. All furniture and systems are tagged according to the architect and client’s directives, and protected for delivery to the site.